Product Name : Arrester-For 3GHz
Product Introduction

The Antenna Surge or Lightning Protector Model XG-Arrestor-NMNF-L3 is a very high quality gas discharge suppressor.

Antenna products are professionally engineered and manufactured with the highest industry quality at the lowest

possible price providing extreme value. This protector provides great protection from 0 to 3 GHz with N-Female to

N-Male connectors. Our high quality body material is 100% nickel plated brass unlike common aluminum body

material protection devices on the market.

Our protector normally ships with 90 VDC breakdown voltages which are more than sufficient for wireless LAN installations.

The Antenna Model XG-Arrestor-NMNF-L3 protector has multi-strike capability, passes DC and provides bi-directional protection.


We include a mounting bracket to facilitate installation.


  • 0-3G Band
  • IEEE 802.11b,802.11g,802.11n,802.11a
  • WiFi ,ISM ,MMDS ,Cellular ,PCS ,RDID ,WiMAX
  • Wireless Bridges
  • Wireless Video Systems
  • Backhaul Applications


  • Superior performance
  • Reliable Performance from DC ~ 3 GHz
  • High Quality Construction
  • Multi-Strike Capability
  • Low loss solid brass elements
  • Protector will pass DC
  • Mounting Bracket Included

       (64.7 x 32 x 22.8 mm/127g)


Electrical Specification  
Frequency ranges DC-3GHz
Gain 0.9dB
VSWR <1.5 
Impedance 50 Ohms
Insulation 10,000M Ohm
Max withstanding Current@8/20uS 10KA
Dc Vreakdown Voltage@100V/S 90V /DC
Impulse Breakdown Voltage@1KV/uS ≦800V
Power 50W
Electrode Capacitance ≦1.5pF
Weight 127g
Dimension  22.8 x 64.7 x 32 mm

N-Male to N-Female